Working in Crater Lake

Working at Crater Lake

Working in a National Park is a wonderful experience that many people in the world can’t say that they’ve done.  As an employee of Crater Lake you are showing the guests the BEAUTY of our park.  We cater to approximately a half a million visitors each year; this means A LOT of food, drinks, and souvenirs!

So you say well what does that have to do with me?  The answer is simple, we are here to provide the absolute BEST customer service to each person that comes through here.  It doesn’t matter if they are here for an hour or are a local we provide the same service to each person.  Some of our core values that we use on a day to day basis are Honesty, Respect, and Teamwork, by using our core values it allows the guest to know at the end of the day that they are number one, whether they are guest number 500 for the day or guest number one they need to feel that they are just as important as the person in front of them.

Some of the structures on property are Historical.  They give us a look into the past just by them being here.  It is important for us to respect each building and maintain the integrity of the structures.  This is part of the charm of coming to Crater Lake, the fact that if I should look back at the structures 50 years ago and again today, I would see the same structure; it allows generations upon generations to be able to experience the same views year after year.  We hold our structures on property with the upmost respect and care, because we want them to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Environmental Consciousness

At Crater Lake Lodges, we are passionate about providing legendary hospitality with a softer footprint. We strive to make your time employed with us special, and we take pride in balancing our economic viability with ecological and social responsibility. To help conserve the beauty and natural resources of Crater Lake National Park, we reduce and recycle waste, conserve energy and water, source sustainable food, and support local communities.


  • You will find recycle and waste bins in your room and around the property.
  • Water droughts have hit the Crater Lake region hard in recent years. We will be asking employees to help us do our part and conserve water.
  • Straws may be hard to come by. Our “Choose to be Straw Free” campaign is reducing litter and waste by only serving straws to guests and employees upon request.
  • You will be offered a free reusable water bottle when you arrive to help us reduce the waste and environmental impacts of bottled water.
  • Exchange tables will be set up in employee common areas so you can exchange instead of throw away your unwanted items.


What is there to do in the off time?

In the park we have lots of things to do in your time off such as making new friends and spending time with them, biking, hiking, taking pictures, watching sunrises and sunsets, watching wildlife, snowshoeing, or visiting our retail shops to pick up those souvenirs that you want for you or your family and friends.

We also have things that you can do with our recreation group.  It doesn’t cost anything to join although the trips do cost money so you will want to have cash so that you can participate in these things.  The group goes to local attractions, takes weekend trips, goes shopping, hosts dinners and parties.

How long is the season, and how long do I get to stay?

Our season runs May-October.  Allowing for you to experience all of our seasons winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter again.  Our summer type weather only lasts approximately a month or less, so the climate here is quite comfortable.  Employees able to work the entire season preferred.

You are expected to arrive on the date that will be provided to you in your paperwork, at the designated time.  If something happens that you cannot make that day/time, please notify us as early as you can so that we can arrange something different.  The day your paperwork says is your end date is your last day, expect to work this day, and be out of your dorm room the following day.

What will I wear, and how do I need to present myself?

Here at Crater we want to provide the guest with a professional looking and acting crew.  We want you to take pride in yourself.  When you look good you feel good about you, and the guests can see this.  This being said, we provide you with a uniform, we expect that you will when going to work be in your full clean uniform, be professional looking, and presentable.  Hair needs to be of natural color, and of professional length and standards to your position, and of traditional style (NO unnatural colors or styles will be allowed).  Tattoo’s and non-traditional piercings need to not be visible, ear piercing is acceptable, with gauges under #2 being acceptable (a two gauge is approximately ¼ of an inch or 6 ½ mm large).  If tattoo’s are visible they need to be small, conservative, and not offensive to the guest.  Although we prefer you to be clean shaven, facial hair is acceptable, but needs to be well groomed and ½ inch in length or shorter.  Makeup and cologne or perfume needs to be tasteful and not in excess.  For more clarification, and more information on our appearance standards please feel free to contact HR for more information on your expected appearance.


Crater Lake offers competitive wages in all job categories.

Your paycheck will come every two weeks, and comes in the form of a paper check.  Due to the remote nature of our properties, direct deposit of pay Is recommended. We do have two ATM’s on property for guest and employee use, however keep in mind whatever cash you have either has to be on your person or in your dorm room, so having an excess of cash isn’t recommended.

Drug and Alcohol Use

Crater Lake National Park Lodges seeks to provide a safe healthy environment for guests and employees at all times. Possession and/or use of ANY illegal drug/drug paraphernalia on company property or in company assigned housing is strictly prohibited, and is cause for immediate termination.

The legal drinking age in Oregon is 21. Employees are expected to adhere to all policies regarding alcohol consumption. Underage drinking will not be tolerated.

All buildings and company vehicles are smoke-free. Designated smoking areas are provided.

Background Check

Here at Crater Lake we want to provide a safe, fun, and crime free environment for guests and our employees.  All employment offers are contingent on passing a Criminal Background check and Drug Screening. Some positions may require a more extensive background check, driving record check and drug screening.