Xanterra & the Environment

Our name “Xanterra” is derived from “Xanadu,” originated in the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who depicts Xanadu as an idyllic and beautiful paradise, and from “terra,” the Latin word for earth. Thus, the name means “beautiful places on earth.” Xanterra Parks & Resorts, official National Park Service concessionaire for Crater Lake National Park, is committed to long-term business practices that aid the environment. Below are just a few of our initiatives we’ve implemented at Crater Lake National Park Lodges:

  • Composting food scraps from our restaurants to reduce waste
  • Growing herbs in our own greenhouse to be served in our restaurants
  • A bed linen and towel reuse policy to save water and energy
  • Retrofitted lighting fixtures to be more energy efficient
  • Constructed Annie Creek Restaurant- U.S. Building Council LEED Silver Certification
  • Implemented the latest in kitchen technologies, including variable speed hood control system
  • Purchasing food from local businesses such as Cascade Glacier Ice Cream, Deschutes Brewery, and Taylor Meat Co.

Conserve for Crater

Help us to preserve our most valuable resource in Crater Lake National Park: Drought conditions in the area have reduced water flow in streams and rivers across the Upper Klamath Basin, including Crater Lake and the surrounding region. Because the region is significantly drier than normal, we have introduced the “Conserve for Crater” campaign with a goal to reduce daily water consumption significantly over historic levels.

About Crater Lake Lodge

Xanterra operates lodging, dining and retail operations in Crater Lake National Park, including the historic 71-room Crater Lake Lodge, originally opened in 1915 and located on the edge of the caldera overlooking Crater Lake. The lodge was reopened after extensive renovation in 1995 and offers an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1920s and immerses visitors in its rustic charm.

The 40 cabins at Mazama Village are located seven miles from the rim of Crater Lake and are situated in a peaceful Ponderosa pine forest setting. Located seven miles from the rim of Crater Lake just inside the south entrance gate of Crater Lake National Park, the Mazama Village Campground has 212 Tent and RV sites, accommodating Tents up to 12′ x 12′ and RVs up to 50 feet in length. Restaurant and retail operations include Crater Lake Lodge Dining Room, Annie Creek Restaurant & Gift Shop and Rim.

Conserve for Crater Lake